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Another Compilation of 200 songs”Expressway Doo Wop Vocal Groups” from John Luise :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9uZvrsAoyE&list=PL9ModrOdnlCDQ-wVy_j2EfjgqHZQ_4BYt
Arm Forces Network’s Bob Davis Interviews Bill Haley
#65 on the Interview PageInterviews.html
Ed Rambeau’s
Radio Show 105 (Bewitching Broadway Ballads)
Click Here to View on YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_JrF6aV64A
DJ Stu interviewing Bob Daniel, grandson of the last radio Lone Ranger - Oct 3-14 See the Interview Page #34Interviews.html
Another Compilation of 200 songs”Brooklyn’s Own Vocal Groups” from John Luise :http://youtu.be/jyUl5hjGQVM?list=PL9ModrOdnlCBG_Rfo-ON6Lk7KKxX8odr0
DJ Stu Interviews James Rosin about the Philadelphia Music Sceen
Listen to the Interview at 
# 25http://youtu.be/jyUl5hjGQVM?list=PL9ModrOdnlCBG_Rfo-ON6Lk7KKxX8odr0